White goods (appliance disposal)

For those of you who need to dispose of appliances, please try to get them to the street if possible and separate them from other debris. If necessary, please get help!! We don’t want anyone taking physical risks and getting injured. Head over to Bald Head Buddies if you need assistance and post your request. We have such a gracious community of neighbors helping neighbors. You can also find folks who are willing to loan handtrucks and other equipment. If you do borrow something, please be sure it is labeled the homeowner’s information before using it and return it as soon as possible so that others can also use it.

Refrigerator disposal

I know most of us would rather take the fridge directly to the curb rather than clean it, but you still need to empty it. Please triple bag the contents, seal it and put it in the household trash bins. Again, make sure you GET HELP so you don’t injure yourself.

And when it comes time to replace your appliances…

Lowes in Southport is offering discounts to island residents. Click here for the details, which we posted earlier today.