As many of you are aware, our waters have taken a beating as a result of the storm and all of the runoff.  At this time, it is still too dangerous to venture back into the ocean. Both the North Carolina Coastal Federation and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have published informative articles outlining the dangers.

Federation urges the public to stay out of the water after Florence

The North Carolina Coastal Federation has issued an important advisory urging the public to stay out of the water after Florence. As of September 28, there are still swim advisories in effect from Brunswick County. To read the original article which includes details about the contaminated run off and it’s impact on both swimming and fishing  issued by the Federation, click here. You can get the latest information about advisories by visiting the sampling map data published by North Carolina Environmental Quality.

Flood Water After a Disaster Recovery

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has also published some very important recommendations for protecting yourself and your family. They include recommendations for inside the house, outside the house, infectious diseases, wound infections and more. Click here to read the full article.