Dear Island Residents,

Village staff have been working hard throughout the day on preliminary damage assessments and contacting island property owners letting them know of any significant damages to the home.

This effort will continue tomorrow working specifically with Property Management Companies and Licensed General Contractors in support of the Village’s efforts to complete the assessment.

By this time tomorrow it is hopeful that a good majority of Island property owners will have been contacted by the Village and/or Property Management Company, or General Contractor and given an assessment of their home.

As of this evening, we have managed to remove all residential and commercial trash including the restaurants, BHI Club, Shoals Club, and Village Recycling Center as well as coordinated for the delivery of additional empty commercial containers.

Village staff also continues to coordinate with the Debris Management Contractor for the removal of all storm related debris.  An informational pamphlet will be forthcoming providing direction to home owners on how to handle debris including placement of vegetative debris at the edge of the public road, “white goods” (i.e. refrigerators), and other unique items to the island.


Chris McCall
Village Manager