Additional Homeowner Island Access Information

NOTE: Contrary to previous message 19A, if your property is on the list of homes without either electricity or sewer (or both) you WILL be allowed access to your property this weekend.  PLEASE BE ADVISED that turning on your tap water or flushing your toilet will potentially result in those fluids entering the grounds around your home or may even back up into your house.

SATURDAY ferries

Limited to homeowners whose houses are between the Harbour and Muscadine Wynd.

This includes homes in the Harbour.

SUNDAY ferries

Limited to homeowners whose houses are between Muscadine Wynd and the Shoals Club.

Ferries each day:

  • Will leave Deep Point at 8, 9, and 10 a.m. and
  • Will return to Deep Point at 3:30, 4:30, and 5:30 pm.
  • Persons on the 8 am ferry will leave the island on the 3:30 ferry and must be at the tram stop by 2:45.
  • Likewise, those on the 9 am ferry will leave on the 4:30 ferry and must meet the tram by 3:45.
  • Persons on the 10 am ferry will leave on the 5:30 ferry and must meet the tram no later than 4:45.

No tram reservations are required.

​The ferries can operate only during daylight hours by decree of the Coast Guard.

Medical services will be limited so be smart and be safe.  Safety first.


Carry-on information: You must be able to hand carry a maximum of two items to and from your home, possibly through flooded streets.  No hand trucks/dollies will be allowed.  There will be no luggage service provided by the transportation system.

Trams will be provided to take people as close as possible to their homes.  But because so many wynds are still inaccessible, tram stops will be set up to drop you off and pick you up for your return ferry.  Drop off and pick-up will be from the same location.

Be aware that you must be in physical condition to manage carrying your two items, potentially through floodwaters to and from your home, and possibly at quite a distance.

Wildlife has free access on the island, so you must stay aware of your surroundings at all times.

  • No pets
  • No children
  • No equipment
  • No generators or pumps
  • No gasoline-powered equipment or gasoline
  • No property managers and no construction crews will be permitted access over this weekend.

Only two people will be allowed per home.  One of the homeowner’s names must be on the island re—entry list as of noon/12 pm Friday, September 28, 2018.  An ID for the homeowner will be required to obtain ferry tickets. The second person does not have to be on the re-entry list; that person can be a family member, a friend, an insurance adjuster or anyone who may be able to help you assess your property.  There will be no charge for ferry, tram or parking for this weekend’s homeowners’ property assessments.

A water boil advisory is in effect until further notice.  Bring drinking water with you!

There is a strong likelihood that services (power/water/sewer) may be interrupted suddenly and may not be restored.  Services are currently tenuous. Also, weather conditions may deteriorate causing changes to this plan.

The weather forecast for the weekend includes the potential for rain.


  • water,
  • bug spray
  • wear suitable clothes including rubber boots or waders.

This weekend trip is meant for assessment purposes only and you may wish to clean out your refrigerator and/or freezer.

Bring with you

  • rubber gloves,
  • a mask,
  • a large supply of plastic bags as you will need to triple bag all refrigerator contents.

Trash should be placed in your home’s external trash container.  If for any reason your container is inaccessible, please use your common sense regarding where to leave the trash so that island wildlife will not get to it.  Your golf cart garage might be a possibility.

The island remains under a State of Emergency. Golf carts are not allowed on the wynds.

Your time on the island is going to be very limited.  You may access your home, and if a neighbor has asked you to look at theirs, you may do so, time permitting.  We have been assured that the damage assessment team will check the exterior of all homes on the island.

We appreciate your patience as circumstances continue to evolve hour by hour. We will provide updates as information becomes available.

Your Village Council