Dear Fellow Islanders,

The Village will partially open up the Island this Saturday, September 29th
for homeowners only.

Ferries will run a regular schedule of boats on the hour from Deep Point
starting at 8:00 am and on the half hour from the Island with the last
boat off the Island leaving at 4:30 pm. Trams will be available.

Two persons per property and two pieces of luggage will be allowed.

Homeowners will not be allowed to stay overnight on the Island as of this

We had been hopeful to open the Island earlier, but we have encountered a
number of problems with Duke Energy’s power up and water and sewer

Duke Energy as well as our Utility Department will be on Island tomorrow
to continue to achieve safe and reliable power, water and sewer to all
parts of the Island. Public Works will continue to pump the flood waters
and address road accessibility issues for golf carts.

As you return we want you to be aware of some of our concerns:

There will be reduced medical capabilities

  • Hanging limbs and trees are still present and an acute safety hazard
  • Some roads are not golf cart safe
  • Flooded waters are polluted. Bacterial infections can occur in an open
  • Pumps and hoses are in the streets and must be avoided. Running over
    them with carts/trucks will damage the equipment as has previously
  • Heavy equipment will be sharing the streets and needs to be avoided
  • Wildlife is erratic. Alligators and snakes have made their way into
    unusual places during the flooding. Be vigilant and wear proper shoes.

Refrigerator waste should be double bagged and taken to the orange
dumpster nearest to the old Public Safety Building off Muscadine Wynd and
Edward Teach.

Please review today’s Village Voices enumerating the homes without power
or utilities. If your home is not listed you should have power, water and

There will be more details sent to you tomorrow on Saturday’s reentry.

Please know that your Village staff and many Island entities are working
hard to get you home.

Thank you for your continued patience.

Mayor Andy Sayre