I’m baaaaack – on BHB, that is!!! (Not BHI!)

Hi all-

I got on this site last night before I fell into deep slumber and was shocked at the “quiet” from yesterday. I trust this is the result of living lives and trying to keep this HUGE stressor at bay.

Other than Chris McCall’s Village’s Voice and Claude’s daily blast, I have no “official” – or even unofficial info.
However, I have sent an email to Chris, probably too late for him to receive until tonight, asking for two things.

1. That permanent residents be added to the Phase 1B re-entry, or to add another category, Phase 1C to allow for that.
I am not seeking special privilege here. We are in exile. The three-day rule has expired multiple times.

2. Regardless of the “official” re-entry process, that a plan be put in place and followed, as possible, to check ALL 1200 island homes, and communicate with the homeowners. Even something simple, like a “thumbs up” to let folks know they are in good shape, or an email, phone call, whatever, to inform those who are not as fortunate. A reminder, go to villagebhi.org, to get your re-entry info into the system. That will give the most up-to-date contact info to reach you.

Please PM me, or email me at kit.adcock@gmail.com with your helpful, constructive ideas. Even your not-so-happy ones. I will also read all your worries and complaints. I am compiling lists of recommendations to improve the Village’s Emergency Response Plan. Honestly, Chris has his hands full. He is generally OCD about responding. I know many of your direct notes to him have gone unanswered except in Village’s Voice. He truly does not have time to read everything and personally respond. I want him doing things like calling in the National Guard and coordinating their important work to get us back home!!!

Now, we can expect that ALL of our garages and carts, unless we are in an “X” flood zone, are toast. At least that is how I’m looking at it. Ok. I can live with that.

Which brings up an idea. The Village Transportation Committee has been working to return our roads to the idyllic and enjoyable wynds that make BHI so unique. While we all wait to deal with getting our golf carts operation, what if we took to our roads on bikes? When I am allowed to return on a regular ferry, I will be bringing at least two new ones (ours were left outside – in the storm. Big oops!) Think Amsterdam…Heaven knows I can use the exercise, all while enjoying the beauty of BHI and getting to see you all a lot more closely than at golf cart speed.

(I am sad about missing the gorgeous blooming beauty berries that line our roads every fall…)

Thanks to those who have been following my personal party-planning challenge. Both the breakfast and the family dinner were a huge success. Typically for events I’ve planned there are no-shows. For each event I had MORE people show up than planned!! Luckily some of the unexpected out-of-towners came to breakfast, so I had time to get the country club to completely change the tables and seating arrangements in the “intimate” room I had reserved, to accommodate them. More place cards and a re-do of all the table arrangements, plus an extra centerpiece. In all, It was a heartwarming, hilarious family reunion and a fun and lovely tribute to my dear “old” Mom!

I’ve got one more cousin who just arrived at RDU this morning because he couldn’t be here yesterday. He’s staying for the day. I will visit with him briefly, and then see what I can do to get myself closer to BHI where I can have internet access.

Meanwhile, please watch for Village’s Voices (as if you weren’t already!) Have a great day, wherever you are. Please stay safe, stay dry, and be happy!