Updated: October 6, 11pm

Please see updates throughout the article. They are marked in red.

Updated: October 5, 2018 10pm

For those arriving this weekend, good luck! Praying you can join the ranks of those with survivor’s guilt!

Storm Cleanup

Management has requested that people steer clear of Public Works. There is a lot of activity, such as vehicles, pumps, etc., coming and going, with everyone focused on getting the flood waters out, cleaning things up, etc. It is a hub of activity, and it’s just best to stay way. Storm debris SHOULD NOT be brought there!!! You can continue to bring recycling to Public Works.

Separate Debris

ALL storm debris, vegetative, appliances, mattresses, household, demolition, etc., should all be placed on the right-of way adjacent to your property, with each type of debris kept segregated.



Golf Carts

Golf carts should be left where they are for now. The island’s cart vendors are checking on those who requested it. However, your insurance adjuster will make the final determination.Village will remove dead carts through its contract for debris removal. Carts will be removed by the company under contract for debris removal with the Village and they will be treated like cars are typically managed in other flood- impacted areas.

Also, many like to refurbish their own carts. The type of damage our carts have received may not be as adaptable for DIYers. Please research flooded golf carts on line to learn about the complications.

Don’t Block Main Right-of-Ways in Clustered Communities

Homes in clustered communities such as Lighthouse Landing, Timbercreek, Royal James, Ibis Roost, Sumner’s Crescent, Surfman’s Walk, Keeper’s Landing and Flora’s Bluff/Killegray Ridge may have challenges putting debris curbside because of the limited space on the main road right-of-way versus the possible volume and number of damaged items. It is particularly troublesome for Lighthouse Landing and Timbercreek because they are on a heavily trafficked road, one handling lots of truck traffic. Please DO NOT BLOCK the main road. I am awaiting further instructions to guide you.

Storage Units

Storage for household goods while homes are repaired has become a challenge. No offense Fred, but who ever thought a building of storage units would ever be full??? Heard last night that there is still space in the storage facility. Please check islandministoragebhi.com to see if any 5×10 or 10×10 units are still available.

Recognizing this problem, homeowners are asked to try to store their items in dry rooms in their home. Research is being done on the use of pods of some kind on island, where they can be kept, either on a property owner’s land much like the lay-down area when homes are built, or if there is some place on island that pods might be kept for homes in cluster communities. More to come within the next few days as options are explored.

Boxes and Tubs

Boxes and tubs for the containment or removal of personal items while demolition and construction are underway are also being pursued. Island Hardware has boxes in stock and will be ordering more on Monday 10.8. At this moment, Amazon is also a good option. If you are coming back this weekend, you may want to bring some with you – tape, too. Costco sells those large black rectangular tubs with yellow lids for $7.99 a tub. Costco also has boxes and packing tape.

Recycled Bicycle Program

The Chapel continues its recycled bicycle program, even for storm damaged bikes. Please put them to the side for now, until the Public Works area is “back to normal”. When the “green light” is given, they can be placed in or in close vicinity to the designated trailer in Public Works. Again, no additional obstacles are needed in that area at this time.

Ferry Schedule

Ferries return to their normal operating schedule on Saturday, October 6th. Check online to see if ferries are still on the summer schedule or if the fall schedule is in place.

BHI Club

The BHI Club reopened today with the Peli, too opened from 10 am – 8 pm, the Grille Room and the Palms Terrace open for dining. The pool reopens Saturday morning and the Fitness Center opened today. Check the BHI website for details about golf, tennis and croquet.

Home Sharing, Golf Cart Sharing and More

Home sharing, golf cart sharing and even bike sharing pages are in the process of being developed. . If you need temporary housing while your home is under repair, if you need a place to stay when you come to check on your home repairs, or if you know your house will be available for other islanders to use during these next weeks and months, please stay tuned. A page has been created for golf cart sharing to assist while everyone figures out whether their carts are toast, if they might be repaired and while they wait possibly to have them repaired. AND, be sure that your carts are registered, or that the existing registration is transferred to your new cart. Proof of cart insurance is necessary when you visit Gloria at the new Public Safety complex.

Debris Management

Monitors Needed

Monitors are being sought to oversee debris removal. This involves being in a golf cart from sun-up to sundown while following the workers as they collect the various items to be removed from the island. There will be pay!!! Formal lists of duties and responsibilities will be provided soon. It’ll be seven days a week, until the jobs are done. I am hoping enough people will sign up that perhaps turns can be taken.

Please let me know if you are interested. Monitors must be in place for debris removal and who better to monitor than those of us who care about how it’s done!!! Again, more information will be forthcoming.

Where to Take Debris

Plans are well under way for management of the volumes of different types of storm debris that must be removed and dealing with our unique island logistics.

Vegetative debris will all be brought to the old Swan’s Quarter site, where as much of it as possible will be mulched. The mulch will be placed close to the street so islanders can come and take as much as they want to use in their yards.

If you are interested in oak logs for your fireplace or Eastern red cedar for hobbies, please help yourself. Just please, be careful – and watch for displaced critters (snakes!)

Updated Contact Information

With many homes embracing VOIP as part of last spring’s Spectrum installation, lots of island phone numbers have changed. Consequently, Island organizations do NOT have current contact information. Everyone is overwhelmed right now answering immediate storm-related questions. If you have a moment, I suggest you write to the Village, the Bald Head Association, and the Bald Head Island Conservancy that publishes an annual island directory as a fundraiser.

In the subject line type: Contact info update. This way all those emails can be readily identified and saved for “later” when someone has time to do the updates. In the email’s body share your name, non-BHI address, BHI address, a house phone number if you have one, and mobile numbers for each member of the household. Put an asterisk next to the best or preferred number to reach you, especially in an emergency – like Florence!

Refrigerator Cleaning Advice

Best advice for cleaning refrigerator parts was to put as many of them in the dishwasher as would fit. Still haven’t had time to read all the tips about removing the nasty odor, but I’m pretty sure the lingering stench will motivate me to do so very soon! Fruit fly population is dwindling.

Filing An Insurance Claims Should Not Increase Your Rates

Do not hesitate to file for insurance because of fear that it might cause your rates to increase. When a Federal Disaster area has been declared, it is against the law to cancel your policy or to hike your premiums. Someone asked today if that applies to second homeowners. Anyone know the answer? I will try to find out over the weekend.

Air Quality Testing

Air quality testing: I was asked last night if anyone performs air quality testing. The Village Manager gave me the name of an outfit that does it. My guess is anyone who suspects mold, has mildew or mold, or anyone whose house has been in standing water for any period of time, even if it did not penetrate into the home, might want to pursue this.
The contact I was given follows.
Clean Breathing
Doug and William Bonovitch
Visit their website at http://cleanbreathingcarolina-com.secure51.ezhostingserver.com/

Well Testing

For those people who have wells and use it as their primary water source, please contact the Utility Department. They will take samples of your water for you and send them to be tested. Results take a few days. As for sewer, only a few homes are left without it!! I just typed them onto the end of tonight’s brief Village’s Voice. (See FILES)

Neighbors Helping Neighbors

If anyone needs help hauling or moving refrigerators out of their homes, and anyone else is willing to help, please post here on Buddies. I’ll let you match yourselves. Does 3 p.m. tomorrow sound like a good time to have neighbors helping neighbors? We have a new pressure washer, if anyone needs to borrow one.