Two pieces of news…One observation…

1. Independent Insurance Adjusters

According to a knowledgeable islander with whom I spoke last Friday, during a catastrophe like Florence, independent adjusters are able to charge a maximum of ten (10) percent of their recovery. As you begin to get responses from your insurance companies, it may be worth your while to hire an independent adjuster to help cover the cost differential for BHI versus mainland Southport with the same zip code. Rick Nelson, 910-368-1414, has two he is using for the homes he rents/manages. There is another PM post tonight from another islander who has an independent adjuster.

2. Dead Golf Carts

Always Ready Cars is sending out an email to all its customers tonight announcing conference calls this Thursday and Friday at 5 pm to discuss removal of dead golf carts from the island. Contrary to what some believe, FEMA will NOT cover cart removal, and the island cart companies are not in a position to remove them as they do when upgrading to a new cart.

Potentially, a cost-effective solution exists to solve this problem if all dead carts are collectively managed. This message from Always Ready is not what I had in mind when I said last week that a solution would be announced this Tuesday. (This is NOT a criticism of Always Ready or the Village. Both have been working this from different angles.) So, watch for additional announcements before Thursday, and Always Ready customers plan to phone in at 5 on Thursday or Friday at 980.265.0687 with code 682356.

Observation- re: Insurance

Please continue to post the wide array of (frustrating) issues you are encountering with insurance on Bald Head Buddies. An experienced islander is reading them all and collecting the information for an island-wide presentation. We are all learning together.

For instance…about refrigerator contents
Heard from an islander today that fridge contents are covered up to $400 by NC law. The first $100 is on the owner. She probably told me which policy covers it, but I was in the midst of lugging vegetative debris to the street and still suffer from hurricane brain…Will follow up…

Enjoyed my time away from Facebook this weekend, mostly because there was nothing to write about…

Had a great time tonight at the community pot luck at BHA. The absence of vegetables/salads may be indicative of few functional refrigerators and the swarms of fruit flies many are still battling. But there were comfort foods galore, all very yummy!!! The deliveries of new appliances begins tomorrow. You’d think the recipients had won the lottery. Simple pleasures and the luxuries of modern conveniences!!!

We’ll get through all these challenges together. We’ve got great talent among our islanders and all have been incredibly generous about sharing their unique skills. I count myself very lucky to live among you!!!