Termites??? Really???

An owner had her termite exterminator show up today offering to re-treat her home for half price. She was a bit outraged that this vendor might be taking advantage of her because she was only two years into her bond. Not so.

Alas, flooding dilutes the chemical treatments exterminators provide to prevent termite infestation. The “bond” usually lasts for five years. However, in cases like our recent floods, homes need to be re-treated. Termites LOVE wet wood, so this is NOT something to ignore.

Years ago a neighbor had a swarm of termites (they came via air rather than ground.) The damage to the home was extensive. The termite bond did NOT cover the invasive damage from on high, rather than the more typical mode from the ground up. Thought you should know that even if your property is treated, it does not guarantee that you will be spared termite damage or the costs of remediation.

Many islanders have quarterly pest extermination. This is different from termite treatment. With a termite bond, the home is given an initial treatment that costs up to several thousand dollars. A separate fee is charged for an annual inspection. The treatment typically lasts for five years when it should be repeated.

Wish I had some cost-saving good news to share!

There was gorgeous cool and dry weather today, even better because it was here on BHI.

Did I mention that while sweeping our screened porch yesterday (in preparation for a thorough pressure washing) a 4-foot-long black snake reared its head inside the porch?? Surprise!!!!! Eeeekkkkkk!!!!! Did you hear my scream????

Off to prepare for tomorrow’s Council meetings…