Brief (but hopefully beneficial)


Home sharing is now available on  (Cart sharing is also on the site.) For this to work there needs to be donors as well as renters. Those of you who have so generously offered your island homes here on BHB, please list your home on the web site. This feature is secure and appropriate matching and oversight will be exercised.


Many have asked about independent insurance adjusters to ensure you get the coverage needed for your claims. Property owner and property manager Rick Nelson has secured the services of several reliable independent adjusters to help with the homes under his management. Rick said they would be happy to assist other islanders. Please contact Rick directly at 910-368-1414 to make arrangements should you need such help.


Many homes may be missing their chimney caps thanks to Hurricanes Florence and Michael’s winds. This could be a tremendous fire risk as cooler weather arrives (tonight!) Please do not use your fireplace until your chimney cap is checked.

I contacted Bald Head Association today about finding reliable contractors to perform this service. Caps are often installed by roofers; currently most roofers have a huge back-up of customers for roof repair and/or replacement.
Hoping BHA may be able to locate contractors to perform this service.


When you are collecting yard debris, please be smart and use bug spray and check your self thoroughly for ticks.
Neither my husband nor I encountered any ticks during our three full days of working in the woody yard behind our house this week. This is the first time while working in our back yard here that we haven’t found even one on either of us. (We were so focused on the considerable amount of vegetative debris we faced, we totally forgot to use bug spray.)


Still awaiting word on how to manage and properly dispose of dead carts. Meanwhile, hang on to them, please.


As part of Friday’s agenda, I have asked that a date be set for a Town Hall-type meeting for owners to present their recommendations regarding storm management processes and procedures. Each Village Council meeting (this Friday at 2:30 pm) provides an opportunity for public comment. Because the Village is still in recovery mode, it may not be the best time to address handling of future storms. This is MY opinion only, and I do hope to provide an appropriate open forum exclusively for everyone to have their say.