Important stuff…

More Monitors Needed

There is still a need for monitors to help with the FEMA recovery efforts. The long hours could be shortened to half days if more people could sign up. Susan Panousis was on North Bald Head Wynd all day today overseeing a team with a cherry picker working to cut “hangers.” The job description and application can be found under FILES on Bald Head Buddies (BALD HEAD JOB ANNOUNCEMENT and “Monitor Application.”). Please send your completed application to


I am told that there is a very useful link at the Village’s web site for FEMA information and applications. I don’t know what I am doing wrong, but I seem always to get links to the Village’s old web site. (This is especially frustrating because I was the Council liaison to the Communication Committee that worked on the new site.) Tomorrow I will post the direct link.

Totally unimportant stuff…

I started my day with the weekly service at the Village Chapel. I wanted simply to sit looking out at the creek while passively absorbing the words being spoken, listening to neighbors singing in the presence of other neighbors. My efforts to grasp the magnitude of all we have experienced this past month, and all the weather and environmental events around the world required that I spend this time in this space.

Every single time I visit our Chapel, I am awed by the beauty of our creeks as framed and showcased by the charming Chapel architecture. Like the creek itself, the view varies constantly with the time of day, the changing tides, different seasons and the weather of the minute. Sitting in that tranquil space makes me realize how insignificant my problems are in the scale of our universe.

Each day since we’ve returned I have marveled at how gracious and grateful every islander I have encountered has been. This is truly a community of amazing people – all kind, thoughtful and generous. Damage to homes, the headaches of navigating so many hurdles, including where to store things and how to get them there, all want to overwhelm us. Sure, we’ve each had our hiccups, as the stresses, fears and uncertainties have built to a crescendo. Fortunately, we’ve reached our limits at different times and in very different ways, allowing us to forgive and be forgiven, with all forgotten. Resiliency seems to be a hallmark of those who have chosen this remote piece of heaven on earth.

I bumped into Kathy McConnell who was picking up fried chicken dinners to deliver to the FEMA workers staying on island. For them, meals on BHI are too expensive to buy. Who thinks of such things when faced with their own challenges? Our islanders do.
I’m finding that I am having trouble retaining information. I’ve never been a note taker, so this has become rather problematic. Mary Mears gave this syndrome a name today – hurricane brain! It was a great comfort to know that I am not the only one suffering with this condition.

Today I heard someone reference Bald Head Island strong. As much as we are indeed strong, I mentioned in an earlier posting that the phrase bothers me a bit because it is derived from the Boston Strong effort after the terrorist attack at the Boston Marathon. Some Bostonians lost their lives and others lost limbs. Dreams were radically changed in an instant; the nightmares will last a lifetime. What we have experienced was the loss of things and mostly just for a relatively short period time. It simply doesn’t feel right to me to hijack Boston’s phrase.

So, tonight I will share the final list of Bald Head Island Hurricane Florence taglines that have been submitted. I hope we can use Facebook to vote. (You’ll have to give me until tomorrow to figure out how to do that.) Meanwhile, sit with these for a few days until one or another feels right to you.

Bald Head Beautiful
BHI- Go With The Flo (or BHI-gWTF!)
BHI in my mind
BHI Together
Bald Head Together
Bald Head Brave
Bald Head Bold
BHI Buddies
Bald Head Heart
Our Island Rocks

With the Gaelic Blessing that is sung at the end of each Chapel service playing in my brain, I wish each of you

Deep Peace…