Bald Head Association has published important guidelines regarding exterior structure repairs after a hurricane.  Since we know many of you are viewing this site on your mobile device, we have republished the information below. To view the official announcement, click here.

Exterior Structure Repairs After A Hurricane

Following Hurricane Florence in September 2018, many homes suffered damage and require repairs. All Architectural Review Committee (ARC) Design Guidelines remain in place. However, Bald Head Association understands the need for a more immediate response to public safety issues.

During October and November, ARC will facilitate interim reviews to address certain storm-related changes such as roof materials and/or paint colors. These interim reviews are available for storm-related submittals that would cause hardship to wait for the regularly scheduled ARC meeting. Fees for storm-related submittals may be waived. Call the ARC Office to begin this process.

Repairing and/or Rebuilding with “Like-Kind” Versus New Materials — ARC Process

Keep in mind that an ARC Review submittal is not required to repair and/or rebuild previously approved items (existing) that have been damaged with like-kind materials and details.

For example, replacing a damaged window with the same type of window does not require an ARC Review. However, if you want to replace windows with a different style or design, then an application must be submitted to the ARC for review at a regularly scheduled meeting. This is consistent with the Bald Head Association Design Guidelines.

Requirements of the ARC Submittal Process

  1. Complete application submittals must be received by 4:00pm, 14 days before the regularly scheduled ARC meeting.
  2. Application submittals received after this specified deadline will be included on the agenda for the next regularly scheduled ARC meeting.
  3. Incomplete application submittals will not be included on the ARC agenda.

Who To Contact

ARC Coordinator
Karen Mosteller / 910-457-4676, ext. 22

ARC Associate
Julie Starcher / 910-457-4676, ext. 23