Updated October 17, 2018

We are providing a matching service for those in need of a golf cart on a temporary basis, with those willing to offer the use of an available golf cart. We have two forms below to facilitate this match process. Simply complete the appropriate form below and we will help match the two. We will then provide you with the information to contact and speak directly with one another to complete the process.

Please understand we are simply volunteering to match people up. This assistance does not represents a business contract that the BHI Community website is responsible for. Click here for a full disclaimer about this program and all the content on the community website. If you have further questions, please email Betty Robinson.

Are You Willing to Offer a Golf Cart?

If you are willing to offer a golf cart for use by a fellow islander waiting for their new cart delivery, please supply the following information.  We will match you to a neighbor in need and give them your information.  You will then make the needed arrangements directly. If you have multiple carts available, we would appreciate if you could fill out a form for each cart.

Note: For the moment, we have enough golf carts available. If we need more, we will post the form again.

Do You Need A Golf Cart?

If you have need of a golf cart on a temporary basis until your new cart is delivered, please provide us with the following information.  We are asking your island neighbors to offer their unused carts on a temporary basis.  You may be requested to pay the owner a security deposit and/or provide a copy of your driver license.  We will contact you with the name and contact information of an owner who has offered the use of their cart.  You may then make any further arrangements directly with them.