Updated: October 5, 2018

If you are looking for a contractor to do repairs for you, there are many good folks who work regularly on the island. They are familiar with the building codes on the island and you will have someone you can follow up with if you have additional issues later on. Bald Head Association has an excellent list of everything from homebuilders and renovations to home improvements and maintenance folks. As they have noted on their site, this is not a recommendation of any vendors, but rather a list of who has worked on the island in the past or requested to be put on the list. Talk to your neighbors or ask fellow residents on Bald Head Buddies, who they have used that they trust!

Bald Head Association also provided a link to an informative article written by North Carolina Licensing Board for General Contractors of titled detailing important does and don’ts when hiring a contractor. Please be aware that In North Carolina, general contractors only need to be licensed for work generating $30,000 or more.