Great News: Limited Time Offer extended thru October 12, 2018

UPDATED 10/11/18

The deadline for appliance orders is tomorrow 10/12/18. If your house is in a state of disrepair and you can’t accept delivery of your appliances yet, please email either Tamara or Kimberly before the deadline (10/12/18) to let them know your situation. In addition, please realize that this offer is only good for the Lowes of Southport. Some special orders can not be accepted due to availability to the Southport store. Hopefully some appliance deliveries will start next week if Hurricane Michael doesn’t create further delays. If you are participating in this Bald Head Buddies offer, please be patient. Tamara and Kimberly are woking hard to help us and to get the deliveries started.

UPDATED 10/8/18

Lowes will be extending the appliance offer until 10/12/18. If you won’t be able to check your house or get your order into them by 10/12/18, you’ll need to send Tamara or Kimberly an email stating that you won’t be able to order by 10/12/18 because of …… and they will put your name and property address in a book to help you later when you can order. The email MUST be sent by 10/12/18.

Tamara and Kimberly hope to respond to all of your emails by tomorrow at the latest. If you haven’t heard from them yet, please be patient.

Lowes will install refrigerators, washers/dryers, and freestanding stoves. Dishwashers and Non-freestanding stoves/ovens will NOT be installed.

Lowes is trying to determine when the first trucks to the island will come over. Check the announcement on Bald Head Buddies for the latest news. They will be posting information as it becomes available.

UPDATED 10/5/18

Newest information: Tamara and Kimberly are getting an overwhelming number of emails requesting prices and orders. Please bear with them as they process each inquiry. They are processing them in order of receipt. Please try to be patient.

MORE DETAILS: Discounts will NOT apply if you order on Emails must be sent to Tamara or Kimberly to get the discounts.


Bald Head Buddies is teaming up with Lowes in Southport to help people who need new refrigerators and/or other appliances. They are willing to give additional pricing discounts off the online pricing that you can see on the website. They are also willing to offer free shipping to the island so long as you can be flexible with the delivery. They would like to coordinate delivery with other families so that they can use the same truck/same delivery staff. Since they are offering free shipping, they will NOT haul the old appliances off. Please put the appliances at the street for the Village to pick up. The Village will receive FEMA funds for this.

Many thanks to Susan Panousis, our trusty and tireless administrator of Bald Head Buddies facebook page who helped organize this offer.

To get these discounts, please email Tamara at or Kimberly at Please mention Bald Head Buddies to get these discounts. Also, please refrain from calling as email works best for them. If you have questions about the program, please email Susan directly.

Go online or into the store to pick out what you like and then email one of the two ladies above. Include the brand and part number in your email.

Please note that some things may not be in stock and may have to be ordered. Please do this ASAP as the offer will only last until 10/10/18.  10/12/18. If they are able to fill more than one truck, the offer may be extended…..however, no promises.

If you have extensive damage at your home and are unable to order before 10/10/18 10/12/18, please email one of the ladies above and tell them your situation. They will make note of your name and house number and keep it in their system until you are ready to order. Make sure that you send the email before 10/10/18 10/12/18.

We hope this will help all of our buddies. Just so you know….. Susan is not getting a kick back out of this. Lowes was just being very generous and wanted to help. If you have any questions, please contact Susan. You can email Susan or reach out to her on the Bald Head Buddies page.

Note: This offer is only available until 10/10/18 10/12/18, so if you are interested, get your order in soon.